Will someone explain why this is necessary?

Authority Ministry of Energy and Mines

Paul called us with a complaint about LiveSmart BC. He told us he contacted LiveSmart BC’s Efficiency Incentive program to request reimbursements to energy use‑related upgrades he made to his rural home. LiveSmart responded by telling Paul his upgrades weren’t eligible as he hadn’t obtained an initial energy evaluation prior to completing the upgrades.

Paul wasn’t satisfied with LiveSmart’s explanation to why an initial energy evaluation needed to have been performed in order for his upgrades to qualify for reimbursement. He said it was harder for people in rural areas to get an evaluation done. He brought a complaint to us.

We investigated to make sure LiveSmart had responded fairly to Paul and discussed the requirement for an initial evaluation with LiveSmart. We determined that LiveSmart had established the energy assessment as a requirement for consideration of eligibility. We were satisfied that the energy assessment served a reasonable purpose to ensure LiveSmart was funding appropriate energy related upgrades because:

  • energy assessments are identified as a criteria for the LiveSmart BC program in the Terms and Conditions on LiveSmart BC’s website
  • energy assessments are used by LiveSmart BC program staff to evaluate the upgrades that have, in fact, been made
  • energy assessments are used by LiveSmart BC program staff to measure the effect of the upgrades with respect to energy efficiency
  • the measured increases in energy efficiency are used to determine the product eligibility and the amount of rebate to the homeowner

We were satisfied that Paul’s application for reimbursement was appropriately addressed by LiveSmart BC. We also believed that Paul would be in a better position to understand why his request had been denied if he received a more elaborate response from LiveSmart. We asked LiveSmart BC to provide Paul with detailed information in a letter, which they agreed to do. After receiving that letter, Paul confirmed that he understood why the initial assessment was necessary and why homeowners all over the province need to obtain one before applying for a reimbursement for upgrades.

Category Housing and Property
Type Case Summary
Fiscal Year 2013
Location Vancouver Island / Sunshine Coast