Who let the dog out?

Authority BC Hydro

Kathy looked after rescue dogs in her home and over the years had sometimes had problems with meter readers from BC Hydro leaving her back gate open after accessing her property. Once this had allowed one of her dogs to escape and go running around on a busy Vancouver road.

Kathy had arranged for BC Hydro to call her the day before reading her meter so that she could make sure to keep her dogs in the house and close her gate after the meter readers were done. The meter readers, however, didn’t always give her enough notice. Kathy was hoping that our Office could help her and avoid another close call with one of her dogs.

When we investigated, BC Hydro explained that it was not always able to call Kathy the day before a meter reading. After considering the situation, BC Hydro agreed that instead of using Kathy’s back gate, meter readers would knock on Kathy’s door so she could allow them access to her meter. BC Hydro also agreed that if this wasn’t possible, its meter readers would estimate her electricity consumption instead.

This arrangement produced a satisfactory resolution to the problem.

Category Housing and Property
Type Case Summary
Fiscal Year 2010
Location The Lower Mainland