University reconsiders decision

Authority University of Northern BC

Simon contacted us with a complaint concerning the University of Northern BC (UNBC). Simon had applied to UNBC to register for graduate studies. UNBC reviewed his application and noted that Simon had not included a transcript from the university where he said he had obtained an undergraduate degree. UNBC wrote to Simon to say his registration was not accepted. Simon told us that UNBC did not provide him with adequate and appropriate reasons for deciding to cancel his registration at UNBC. Simon then wrote to the President of UNBC but told us that the President did not adequately respond to the concerns Simon raised.

We investigated whether UNBC had provided Simon with adequate reasons for the decision to reject his application for registration. We determined that there were inconsistencies in Simon’s application to UNBC. In reviewing the matter further, UNBC concluded that there may have been miscommunication and that they were satisfied that Simon was not attempting to deceive but rather did not fully understand the requirements. As a result of our investigation, the President reviewed the matter further and acknowledged that UNBC had also been inconsistent in responding to Simon.

As a result, UNBC decided to allow Simon to reapply to its graduate program, following the registration requirements which were now clear to him. UNBC also advised Simon that it would waive the registration fee. We believed this outcome was a fair and reasonable resolution to Simon’s concerns. As such, we concluded our investigation of this matter.

Category Education
Type Case Summary
Fiscal Year 2010
Location The North