Turned off

Authority BC Hydro and Power Authority

Kyle called us in a panic because his power was about to be disconnected. He told us BC Hydro was going to disconnect his power that day unless he paid his outstanding debt of $3,720 in full. Kyle explained the debt had built up for a number of reasons, and there was no way he could pay the full amount that day. He said that there was only one BC Hydro meter in his building and he was being charged for power used by the other tenants as well as himself. Kyle said his friend would loan him $2,000 that day but only if the power would not be disconnected. He said he offered to pay $2,000 that day and the rest of the balance the following week.

We investigated to ensure BC Hydro had fairly considered all factors in deciding to disconnect Kyle’s power without payment of the debt in full. We spoke with the manager of customer advocacy for BC Hydro for information. The manager explained that although there might be four families living in Kyle’s building, it was only zoned as a single-family dwelling. This meant that BC Hydro could only install one meter, and Kyle’s name was on the account. Further, records showed he had not made any payments for six months. The manager explained that Kyle needed to make arrangements with his landlord and / or the tenants if they owed him money for hydro but that he was responsible for the contract with BC Hydro.

We confirmed that BC Hydro had issued a final notice of cancellation, but had notyet scheduled the date for disconnection. The manager agreed that Kyle’s power would not be cut off provided:

• He paid $2,000 at a bank or financial institution and phoned BC Hydro by 4:00 p.m. that day to confirm that he had done so

• He paid the balance of his account by the following week

• He continued to make the monthly payments of $246 per month

Kyle told us that he could meet these requirements. As BC Hydro had the authority to disconnect power for non-payment, and agreed that it would keep Kyle’s power hooked up as long as he met the requirements of the payment schedule outlined above, we considered this matter settled.

Category Housing and Property
Type Case Summary
Fiscal Year 2012
Location Vancouver Island / Sunshine Coast