Safety of stove questioned

Authority Technical Safety BC

A woman contacted our office with a complaint that her previous stove had issues. She had been concerned that it could cause a fire, as she believed that brand of stove had caused many fires in Canada. At the woman’s request, the landlord replaced that stove. However, as the replacement stove was the same brand as her previous stove, the woman was concerned it could also be defective. She contacted Technical Safety BC (TSBC) to request that the stove be inspected. She also advised TSBC that her kitchen lights were flickering.  TSBC sent an Electrical Safety Officer (ESO) to the woman’s residence where he inspected the replacement stove. The woman had concerns that the ESO did not inspect her original stove or thoroughly inspect the replacement stove. She questioned the ESO’s credentials.

We investigated whether TSBC followed a reasonable procedure when it responded to the woman’s concerns about the safety of her current stove. A review of the material provided by TSBC indicated that the ESO had attended on site, inspected both the woman’s original and the replacement stoves, and found both stoves to be safe. In addition, the ESO required the landlord to have a qualified electrical company inspect the electrical wiring at the woman’s home to confirm to TSBC that compliance had been met with the wiring and the stove. Compliance was confirmed.  TSBC’s records confirmed that the ESO’s credentials met the requirements of the relevant legislation.

We were satisfied that TSBC followed a fair process in responding to the woman’s concerns.

Category Other
Type Case Summary
Fiscal Year 2018