The Odds of Appeal

Authority BC Lottery Corporation

Karen’s disagreement with another gambler escalated quickly. After a physical altercation, the BC Lottery Corporation (BCLC) imposed a two year prohibition barring Karen from entering any casino in BC.

While Karen knew she acted out of character, she thought the sanction was excessive and contacted BCLC to challenge the terms of the restriction. When Karen was told there was no appeal process available, she contacted us.

We met with BCLC and discussed this case and BCLC processes more generally. As it happened, there was a relatively new appeal process and it was available to Karen. We called Karen and referred her to the appeal process. She told us she was relieved to have a chance to be heard.

We also looked at the documentation provided by BCLC to individuals prohibited from participating in gaming activities and we noted that they contained no information about the appeal process. As a result of our investigation, BCLC updated their documents to include appropriate reference to their new appeal process. We called Karen to advise her of the result and wished her good luck.

Category Other
Type Case Summary
Fiscal Year 2015
Location The Lower Mainland