Medical diet includes snack decision

Authority Alouette Correctional Centre for Women, Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General

 Sandy, a Type 2 diabetic called our Office and said she relied on snacks as part of how she managed her blood sugar. She was concerned when the staff at Alouette Correctional Centre told her she would have to buy her own her own snacks at the canteen from now on. Sandy felt this was unfair and was concerned about other diabetic inmates who may not be able to afford to buy snacks. During our investigation, staff at Alouette explained that inmates with diabetes who take insulin do need access to snacks to manage low blood sugar levels. The health unit alerts the kitchen so that snacks are available as needed. However, centre staff explained to us that non-insulin dependent diabetics take medication orally that keep blood sugar levels even so there is no need to provide snacks. They explained that Type 2 diabetics have their blood monitored regularly and that doctors make their orders including specifications regarding diet based on the individual patient. Sandy’s health records showed that her levels were checked and found to be at appropriate levels. Although Sandy lost her free snacks, we were satisfied that the centre’s decisions to stop providing the snacks was fair.

Category Corrections
Type Case Summary