A matter of confidence

Authority Law Society of BC

Alice believed her lawyer had breached confidentiality by sharing details about her legal matter with a mutual friend. Upset, Alice complained to the Law Society of BC about her lawyer’s conduct. The Law Society reviewed her complaint and declined to investigate on the basis that Alice’s complaints were outside its jurisdiction because they had already been heard during a fee review and subsequent appeal. 

Alice pointed out that her concern about the confidentiality breach was not part of the fee review and appeal and provided a transcript to support her claim. Her request was again denied. Alice asked for this decision to be reconsidered, in writing, but was again denied.

Frustrated, Alice contacted us for help.

We investigated whether the Law Society’s refusal to consider Alice’s concerns was reasonable. We found it was not. In response, the Law Society acknowledged its oversight and offered to investigate her breach of confidentiality allegation. The Law Society also agreed to apologize to Alice in writing.

Category Other
Type Case Summary
Fiscal Year 2018