A matter of communication

Authority Community Living BC

Chris was living in a group home, run by  Community Living BC (CLBC) and was upset when he was told that he was being moved to a new home run by a different provider. Chris voiced his concerns about the upcoming move with staff at CLBC and never received a response. He was concerned that the level of care he received would decrease and he felt it was unfair that CLBC did not discuss the change with him before making its decision.

Upset, Chris called us for help.

We investigated whether CLBC followed a fair process in responding to the concerns Chris raised about his pending move.

Our review identified concerns about the process CLBC followed. While staff had informed Chris’s family about the plan to transition him to another facility, including sending a letter confirming the change and how it would occur, they failed to speak to Chris about the pending changes. Chris was also never provided with the opportunity to ask questions and address any concerns he may have had. 

In response, CLBC met with Chris in person to talk about his transition and continued to do so weekly to help make the transition easier. Chris’s concerns regarding supports and services were also discussed and he was told that he would be cared for by the same staff as at his previous group home.

The Director of Regional Operations also wrote to Chris and apologized for his negative experience and how the move was communicated. 

Category Housing and Property
Type Case Summary
Fiscal Year 2018