A long road to the bus

Authority BC Bus Pass Program

Rose relied on the bus to get groceries, so she applied for a discounted bus pass available to low-income seniors like her. In order to process her application, the program asked Rose to obtain a letter from a Service Canada office and provide it to them. Rose said she had requested this letter multiple times, without success. At a loss, Rose came to us.

We investigated, hoping to determine why Rose was experiencing so much difficulty. The program explained that, in the absence of other information, a Service Canada letter was required if Rose was to qualify for a discounted bus pass. Although the program had explained this to Rose several times over the telephone, we wondered whether the program had sufficiently helped Rose secure the letter and if the program had fully considered Rose’s ability to do so.

The program agreed to set up a call with Service Canada staff and Rose. During this call, Service Canada noted that Rose had become eligible to apply for Old Age Security. The program added that if Rose received OAS, along with the Guaranteed Income Supplement that she already had, she would qualify for the bus pass without a letter. They confirmed this new information with Rose.

Rose now knew what she had to do. She later told us that she had applied for Old Age Security and also benefited from the clear explanation of how to get a discounted bus pass.

Category Driving and Transportation, Seniors
Type Case Summary
Fiscal Year 2014
Location The Lower Mainland