I can see clearly now!

Authority Office of the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles, Ministry of Justice

Mick has a commercial driver’s license and he also has diabetes. The Superintendent of Motor Vehicles sent him a letter telling him to get his eyes checked and they would pay for the exam through the Medical Services Plan. They told him that the information he needed was on the form they sent him.

Mick went to an optometrist and got his eyes checked. He paid $160 directly to the optometrist and then sent the receipt to OSMV. Mick called us because he couldn’t get OSMV to reimburse him for his eye test that they told him they would pay for. We were told by OSMV that the system in place is that the optometrist bills MSP and they pay the plan. In Mick’s case his optometrist billed him privately.

When we looked at the form sent to Mick by OSMV, we understood why Mick hadn’t known what to do. We looked at other forms OSMV sends drivers and the physician’s form made it clear that private billing would not be reimbursed. We consulted with OSMV about the form and how it contributed to Mick not realizing he wouldn’t be reimbursed if he paid the optometrist directly. OSMV agreed to change the form and added a section alerting people that private billings are not reimbursed so that it would be clear in the future.

Since Mick was relying on OSMV to provide him with the information he needed in order to be reimbursed for his eye test, we proposed OSMV reimburse Mick the money he paid and they agreed to pay Mick back the amount they would have paid had the optometrist billed MSP directly. Mick was happy to get $102 back.

Category Driving and Transportation
Type Case Summary
Fiscal Year 2013
Location The North