Enforcing the rules

Authority Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement Branch, Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure

Joe was concerned that RV towing operators were damaging the vehicles they were towing and that they might not be properly licensed and insured. He felt that the ministry should protect the public by enforcing the legal requirements for towing RV trailers. Joe said that he tried to talk to ministry staff, but he was given the impression that they were unwilling to take enforcement action. He was not satisfied with their response.

We notified the ministry that we were investigating whether they responded fairly to Joe regarding his concerns about their responsibility to ensure the safety of tow truck companies towing RV trailers. Staff told us that they were not aware of Joe’s concerns about RV towing or his reasons for believing that the rules were not being followed. During our initial discussions with the ministry, we became aware that this was a complex regulatory area.

We arranged for an opportunity for Joe to speak directly with staff in order to exchange technical information. An enforcement officer scheduled an in-person meeting with Joe to talk about the regulatory framework and provided Joe with his business card. Both Joe and our office were informed that Joe was welcome to call the enforcement officer with any questions or issues. The ministry also told us about a 24 hour number that Joe could call to report any alleged RV towing violations.

As a result of our consultation process, a group of enforcement officers spoke with some regional tow truck companies about the issue. The ministry’s enforcement officers in the region were alerted to the safety violation concerns and undertook to include RV towing issues in their next enforcement campaign.

Category Driving and Transportation
Type Case Summary
Fiscal Year 2012
Location Vancouver Island / Sunshine Coast