Do I live in a livestock district or not?

Authority Ministry of Agriculture

Jasper told us that a neighbour’s cattle entered his yard on a number of occasions damaging his property and that he would like this to stop. He knew he didn’t live in a Pound District but wasn’t sure whether he lived in a Livestock District either. He spoke to a number of people about the cattle trespassing on his property and was eventually directed to the Ministry of Agriculture.

When he contacted the ministry regarding his concerns, Jasper was informed that he should contact the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations. When he contacted that ministry, he was advised that he should direct his concerns to the Ministry of Agriculture. He made a complaint to our office instead. Jasper told us that while he was familiar with much of the Livestock Act and its application to individuals living in a Livestock District, he hadn’t been able to get a definitive answer as to whether or not he lived in a Livestock District. He believed that the Ministry of Agriculture should be able to answer that question and was not satisfied with the ministry’s explanation as to whom his complaint should be properly directed.

We notified the Ministry of Agriculture that we were investigating whether its response to Jasper was reasonable. The ministry told us that it was fairly certain the man lived in a Livestock District and the Livestock Act would typically inform its response to inquiries such as his.

As the ministry had not answered Jasper’s query, we proposed it provide Jasper with a definitive answer as to whether his property was located within a Livestock District and asked whether it would provide him with a letter with this information. We also asked that the ministry’s response identify the source of its determination, such as a map, so that he might verify the information independently.

The ministry agreed and subsequently provided us with copies of its letter to Jasper as well as a Livestock District map which it had attached to the correspondence for his reference. The ministry also offered advice as to what steps he should take to keep the animals out of his yard and offered to provide additional information should Jasper wish to contact the ministry.

Category Environment and Natural Resources, Housing and Property
Type Case Summary
Fiscal Year 2013
Location The Interior